Friday, December 14, 2007

Menu for Hope

I take back what I said about Creative Poppy. I sent a third e-mail yesterday and got a reply and a new password and now George and Dragon opens fine, they even gave me a small discount for my next visit at their shop. By the way, the George &Dragon sampler is meant to be stitched with.........DMC 815!!!

One thing, if you're obsessed about food, or just generous otherwise, how about taking part in this years Menu for Hope?
It's a raffle with great prizes (all food-related), each ticket costs 10$ and what's most important, the money goes to charity, to nourish school kids in Lesotho.
All the info you'll find here

Thursday, December 13, 2007

Let's begin!!!!!!!

So, I guess I'll start with some pics of my most important Wips and of a small finish.

The finished work first, it's Bouncing Annie by Marie-Anne Réthoret-Mélin that I bought from the internet shop Creative Poppy. I think it's a simple but pretty design, was very quick to make and a little girl in Seinäjoki, (somewhere in Finland) has already reserved the finished product for herself. I used DMC 815.

This was by the way my first bought item from Creative Poppy, I bought 4 charts and instead of sending them by snail mail, they send you the chart files to download and passwords to open the files. My only problem is that I can't open one of the files, a nice sampler called Saint George and the Dragon. I get repeatedly the message "your password is incorrect" and the shop won't answer my e-mails...

Then next we have another chart from creative Poppy, a red Monogram, also stitched with DMC 815. Though I was thinking about mixing it with one strand of gold. The monogram will be probably for myself as I did early on a small mistake that causes the borders to be a bit unsymmetrical...

Then follows one of my favourites, Papillons Mary Queen of Scots, also stitched with -surprise surprise- DMC 815! I've had it on the shelf for a few weeks now as I got a bit fed up -due to two mistakes that I've done: the lowest outer border should have the same ornament in the middle than the upper border. I'm not yet sure if I'll redo it. Then the stitching just above the text, on the left has a mistake that requires a lot of unstitching...

Another one that I like a lot is de Fil en aiguilles apron with a cute cat design on it. I was meant to do two of these, one for my aunt and the other for my boyfriends' mother. This one was supposed to be ready by tomorrow as it travels to Sweden but I guess it'll be a New Years present. The other one I haven't even started yet. But the design is very cute.

One of my favourites is Drawn Threads Wayward Garden, sooooo beautiful, stitched with one strand of Needlepoint Inc silk so very slow to do...But I have patience!

Next one, Papillons Blossom Time. This I'm stitching with Vikki Clayton's silks, two shades of Jadeite. I ordered earlier this year her silks to try them, in seven or eight colours altogether and when I got them, I though the Jadeite was the least attractive. But it ended up being the first one I used... But the silk I had wasn't enough so now the Blossom Time is resting on my shelf until I by some more.

And Fuji, the bird pic was supposed to be a Christmas present for my grandmother but as you can see, will be more likely a birthday present for February...

Then finally a really great childish design, Rainbow Ride. I started it last year I think, and then didn't do it for months until last week I picked it up and continued. I can't wait to get it ready and give it to some kid!

Quite a list, I guess "my most important Wips" covers nearly all of my Wips...

(P.S I'm sorry but I haven't quite figured out yet how to post first text and then a picture, then text and another picture instead of all the pictures one after another... And sorry for the bad quality of the photos, I've never tried Photoshop or anything similar)