Monday, May 19, 2008

I forgot!!!!

I’ve also started Cowboy dreams by Country cottage kids (the third and the fourth row of the riddle were supposed to be blue but I didn't noticed the symbol changed in the chart...)

I've got some more thread too and I bought some fabric from (sent her thread and chocolate as an exchange ) but pics of those things later, now I need to go to sleep:)
Once again) It’s been ages since my last update but I have been stitching!

Here’s what I’ve done:

-I’ve finished Saint George and the dragon and I’m very happy with itJ

-I’ve finished Home sweet home and made it into my very first pillow! A slightly asymmetrical pillow but a pillow nevertheless.
-I’ve started Home of a needleworker too by Little House needleworks. I really like it, at the end of the week I should get a few colours of Crescent colours that I’m still missing. The linen is 28 count hand-dyed jobelan "Sand castle", I first thought it might be a bit reddish but now I like it.

-I’ve started Winter welcome, Holly&Ivy sampler, Blueberries and Strawberries, all either by Little house needleworks or Country Cottage needleworks

(I know, a lot of new Wips but small ones and “almost finished”…)


-I’ve signed up for my very first Chatelaine!!!!! Holland Springtime landscape, I really like the look of it. And I’ve started it, the NPI silks should arrive this week so I can continue the first part. So far I’m lovin’ it!! I just hope the piece of fabric that I got is wide enough. The fabric is called Mercedes and is by Picture this, it’s the first time that I’m using their fabrics.

What else, what else….

I’ve also started a new cat apron, it’s for my aunt and compared with the first one I did, this is a much better work, much more carefully done, I would almost like to take the first one back from my boyfriends mother and re-stitch it...

Yesterday I stitched a bit of Mary Queen of Scots, I finished the hawk/eagle and the castle on the left corner and did the letter “M”.

Now my priorities are to finish the Cat apron, Mary QofS, Home of a needleworker too, continue my wonderful beautiful Chatelaine and then I want to start Bois le Duc by Long Dog Samplers and their new blue design, Words alone.
Then I've also promised to stitch some Christmas tree ornaments for a magazine that my aunt is editing. I haven't done any yet and I'll see her in June so I better hurry...