Sunday, February 24, 2008

Long time no see

First, here is something I finished a couple of weeks ago. It's from de Fil en aiguille magazine. Last year my boyfriends mother asked me to stitch something for her, something cat or flower related. When I saw this model, I thought it was perfect for her as she's a very good cook. I decided to give it to her as a Christmas present and make another one for one of my aunts as that aunt has a white cat and has published a cooking book. Well, deadlines come and go, but a few weeks ago I saw the mother so I had to finish it (I haven't even started the one for my aunt yet). Stitchingwise, it's not among my best work, but I think it's cute. Only that a few days after I gave it away, I realized I had forgotten to stitch the cats whiskers!!....Still, it's cute:) I think...

This past week my train project has been DHC Dessins Saint George and the dragon, I needed a break from Opus 2. An online shop had a sale and they had 6 skeins of Needlepoint inc silk 226 left so I bought it all. It's the same one that I used for Mouline Rouge last year. I'll probably need only 3 skeins for the George.This should be quite quick to finish.

I made some progress with Opus2 before I started Saint George.
And also some progress with Bo beep, I haven't touched it for about three weeks now.

Stitching bits and bobs had a sale a few weeks back so I went and bought a few pieces from the Little house of needlework/Country cottage needlework: Winter welcome, Holly and Ivy sampler, a Stichers home too and a cowboy picture + all the thread needed for those charts. I'm hoping to receive it all next week.