Thursday, January 31, 2008

Tuesday, January 29, 2008


Time goes on, January has almost come to an end... Here's one finished piece for January, I really like it! I think it was called Daisy Lane Cottage by Little House needleworks. I'd like to start Home sweet home by Country Cottage needleworks soon but I need Crescent colours and Gentle art for that and my LNS didn't have them (the biggest shop in Brussels doesn't have that good selection I think, mostly DMC fabric, kits and threads, then some specialty threads like Atalie, Soie d'Alger and Gloriana. But not my fav, Vikki Clayton...

And here's what I've managed to stitch so far with Opus 2. I stitched it last week mostly on the train, I didn't get to do much stitching during on the evenings.It's also my first work where the backside will look fairly decent (I hope...), I try not to use any knots.

And here are two closeups of the Vikki Clayton silk I'm using. I ordered some more from Bricolart (luckily they have a sale...), I ordered only 5 skeins a few weeks ago because that's all they had. Now I ordered 6 and thanks to my order, they are again out of stock with Dragon Claw:)

Then finally another start, La~D~Das Bo Beep, I like it cause it's a bit different from anything I've done before. And it progresses very swiftly, only the tree is still missing. I'm using DMC threads and the linen is bought from the flea market in Finland, I think its 28 count.

On Thursday a few more pics of my last finishes for January, at least two pieces, hopefully three!

Thursday, January 17, 2008

a few (very dark) photos

First, Opus 2, so far. The colour of the silk isn't as dark as in the photo.

Then even a darker picture, Papillons Mary queen of Scots, I haven't done this for a few weeks now. then 2 pictures done in half stitching that I bought over the holidays in Finland. They are not that beautiful, but they are very Nordic. And I wanted them because of the subject: the other one has a woman and a landscape from Lapland and the other one has birch trees and a violin player.

Then finally long overdue: three skeins of thread that my Secret cross stitching pal sent me for Christmas, Dinky dyes, Crescent coulours and Gentle Art, thanks! I've only tried Dinky Dyes before, never the other two brands. In the picture are also the two books I bought right before Christmas.The other one has 4oo different kind of stitches, I think it will be quite useful as I've never really done any specialty stitches.The other one has some nice designs for linen, I mostly like the monogram-designs.

Wednesday, January 16, 2008

Hi, this time without pictures, I promise promise promise pictures tomorrow... Here's a short update:
+I have a second finish for 2008, DHC's Red Monogram, done with DMC 815 and a bit of gold
+ I have completed (almost...) the outer border for the Wayward garden
+ no progress with the supposed-to-be-Christmas presents...
+ I've been a very bad girl... I've started yet another piece despite of all the WIPS around my house: Long Dog Samplers Opus 2... I started it a few days ago and it's going quite well. I'm using a variegated blue/green Vikki Clayton silk called Dragon Claw, I love VC silks:) Originally I thought I would start Long dogs Bois le Duc before Opus but I'm not yet sure about which thread to use for the BlD. I ordered some Clayton silks a few days ago from to try a few (and at the same time the DMC thread needed for La D Da's Bo Beep), though I promise I won't start Bois le duc before I have at least two big finishes/atleast two of last years Christmas presents done.
(PS Last evening was a nice evening for stitching, outside it was really windy and raining, so I made myself a cup of hot chocolate, some pan cakes and stitched:)) )

Monday, January 07, 2008

Happy New Year!

The holidays are over but I think I got a lot of stitching done:)
Let me proudly present to you: the first work of 2008, "My angel", a Finnish design done in half stitch. I got it from a friend of mine (Kiitos Satu! ) just before the New Year and it was quite quick to make. I like it and sent the finished piece already back to her (note: in my case a "finished" work always means finished stitching, not framed or anything...). I added a little bit of gold thread though it doesn't show very well in the picture.

And here is my last finished piece of 2007, by Little House Needleworks if I remember correctly. I've wanted to make it for a long time and it was very quick to stitch, I'll probably make it into a pin cushion or some sort of an ornament (Sorry for the bad picture quality)

And all of this below I bought over the holidays, Daisy Lane Cottage by Little House Needleworks (which I've almost finished already) and Home sweet home by Country Cottage Needleworks, some frames and a lot of fabric. The big pile of white linen I bought at the fleamarket, 5 rolls of it, one really big piece and the others were something like 40cm x 80cm, the price was11€.
I also bought the 2007 Christmas Ornaments magazine and the latest World of Cross stitching. I think the latter didn't have very interesting charts in it , but with it came All of our Yesterdays Alphabets. I used to dislike AoY immensily, but now I've kind of grown accostumed to it... The Christmas Ornaments magazine I bought because I fell in love with the Christmas Lace Snowflake by Rosewood Manor that I saw on Leena's page ( It's utterly gorgeous!

I spent a lot of time during my holidays stitching Mary Queen of Scots and almost finished DHC's Red Monogram. In fact, my father asked me on one occasion "don't you have any other hobbies?"....I guess I don't:)

And then a few old pics.
This one, Cote Coeur Ouest, I gave to my mother for Mothers Day last May, she had it framed and I think it looks nice! Though it bothers me I didn't do a very good job with the backside: you can see lots of loose threads through the white aida...

This one I stitched a few years back, it was a pre-stamped table cloth that I bouth from Linea Broderier

And this last one I also got from Linea broderier, I gave it to my father a year or two ago (he loves fishing, has a beard and occasionally smokes a cigar).

For Christmas I got 3 shades of brown thread from my Secret Stitch friend (Gentle Art, Crescent colours, Dinky Dyes) so I'll try to get a photo of them tomorrow, as well as a picture of the two charts she sent me last year.

PS I think the January issue of the Gift of Stitching wasn't very interesting...I have to read it again, maybe I missed something.