Sunday, February 24, 2008

Long time no see

First, here is something I finished a couple of weeks ago. It's from de Fil en aiguille magazine. Last year my boyfriends mother asked me to stitch something for her, something cat or flower related. When I saw this model, I thought it was perfect for her as she's a very good cook. I decided to give it to her as a Christmas present and make another one for one of my aunts as that aunt has a white cat and has published a cooking book. Well, deadlines come and go, but a few weeks ago I saw the mother so I had to finish it (I haven't even started the one for my aunt yet). Stitchingwise, it's not among my best work, but I think it's cute. Only that a few days after I gave it away, I realized I had forgotten to stitch the cats whiskers!!....Still, it's cute:) I think...

This past week my train project has been DHC Dessins Saint George and the dragon, I needed a break from Opus 2. An online shop had a sale and they had 6 skeins of Needlepoint inc silk 226 left so I bought it all. It's the same one that I used for Mouline Rouge last year. I'll probably need only 3 skeins for the George.This should be quite quick to finish.

I made some progress with Opus2 before I started Saint George.
And also some progress with Bo beep, I haven't touched it for about three weeks now.

Stitching bits and bobs had a sale a few weeks back so I went and bought a few pieces from the Little house of needlework/Country cottage needlework: Winter welcome, Holly and Ivy sampler, a Stichers home too and a cowboy picture + all the thread needed for those charts. I'm hoping to receive it all next week.


Leena said...

Ihana kissaessu! WIP:t näyttää kauniilta myös.

Sari said...

Tosi ihana essu! Ja muut työt myös!

Karen said...

Beautiful work, Anna! The kitty apron is adorable!!

Karen R in GA

Sisu said...

The kitten is very cute Anna and your other pieces are looking good too!

Solveig said...

Tosi söpö tuo kissu. Ja nuo punaiset kirjonnat!

Joei said...

Hi Anna,

Thanks for dropping by my blog and for the nice comments.

The kitten looks so real. Very cute!

Your WIP are getting along nicely.