Monday, June 30, 2008

Last day of June

A short update before going to sleep.

The past weeks I haven't touched Mary Queen of Scots. Instead I have finished the first part of Chatelaines Holland sampler (except for the beads), the pic doesn't show the sparkly threads but at least gives some idea. My only worry is that piece of fabric that I've got isn't big enough...

Then I finished a second Cat apron for my aunt but forgot to take a picture before I gave it to her.

Then I've done a Christmas ornament by Little House needlework, just need to make it into a pin cushion now. I stitched it on aida called "Pewter" and I think if I would ever do another one, I would use a darker fabric.

I've also done a bit more of House of a needleworker too. But now I've lost the key or the instructions telling which sign corresponds which thread so I can't finish it before I find the key...

Also I've started two new pieces, one of them is Long Dogs Bois le Duc which is now my travel piece on the train. I'm stitching it with DMC 221 but I've forgotten the name of the fabric, I think it was 28 count.. Or maybe 32...Anyway I started on the upper left corner.

The other one is a childish thing, DMC's Felicity Wishes "Reach for the Stars"

Now to sleep, I was just watching the Spanish tv, los campeones (Winners of the Euro Cup) returned to Madrid. What a huge amount of people welcoming them...I don't care for sports but I've been in love with Spain for about 15 years so obviously I wanted to see their return.


Karen said...

All of your stitching looks wonderful!!! Will eagerly await your Chatelaine and Long Dog updates :)

Karen R in GA

ana said...

could you please send me the pattern of felicity wishes cross stich please? thak you from spain