Sunday, July 13, 2008

The past few weeks I've had some days that I really haven't felt like stitching at all but then on some days, luckily I have:)
I've mainly done my wonderful Chatelaine, I'm still in love with the design:) Although I can't continue it as much as I would like to, it seems that when I ordered the thread, I didn't get one Needlepoint silk and also instead of one pale blue/turquoise dinky dyes silk I got a completely wrong one, a light pink one...Why didn't I check the colours before?.... I've placed an order at the Stitching bits and bobs but as the order once again has something they are out of stock, it will take a while to get here...

Then I've also done one small childish thing, a "Nintje", it was a kit I got from the fleamarket. A cutie!
The third pic is a new Wip, it's a double Dutch sampler by Sampler Cove designs featured in the the Gift of Cross Stitching magazine last summer. I've had the fabric (36 count) and the thread (Gloriana silks) for a long time. AS it's 36 count, it's going really slowly.

That's it for now:)
(While writing this I'm listening the new cd "Terra" by the portuguese fado singer Mariza, it has some beautiful songs on it...)


Stephanie said...

Your Chatelaine is gorgeous. The tulips in the in the border are so delicate looking. Sorry that your progress will be slowed by waiting for threads. That drives me crazy and lack of availability of supplies in the most frustrating part of this hobby

Nancy said...

Nice progress on Holland! I really love the material you picked to stitch this one on.

Twana said...

I hope the threads you need arrive soon. I like the Nintje.

anna said...

Thank you all!
I ordered other things too together with the threads, and now I try not to look at my order so once it will arrive, it will be almost like a surpise:)

anna said...

of course I meant "like a surprise"...

je-brode-et-vous said...

Hi, it's me again.

I realized that the words I was looking for "dmc sepia kitten sitting...waiting" are in a list ; but I don't know what WIPs are.

Can you help me.

Thanks a lot.

Best regards

je-brode-et-vous said...

Hello !

My name is Anne-Marie, I am French and my first comment disappears !!!

I found your blog because I am looking for Dmc sepia kitten sitting...waiting...kit or chart.

If you have it, would it be posible for you to share it with me?

Thanks a lot for your answer, even négative : I would undestand.

Best regards

je-brode-et-vous said...

By the way, I love your blog : it's in my favourite now !!!

Lennu said...

Chatelaine näyttää ihanalta! Minä olen omaa Provence Chatelainea ehtinyt pistellä tosi vähän, jospa tässä syksymmällä :)

anna said...

Anne-Marie, this comes maybe a bit late as I haven't written on my blog anything for a while, but WIP =Work In Progress