Wednesday, September 10, 2008


Here, this is what I got for my birthday from Marika (, fabric (I don't have any fabric with squares from before, just plain aida and linen), ribbons, thread and a lovely notebook, she had sown(sewn? it's getting too late to think about verb conjugations...) a cover and stitched over it. I really like it, ISO KIITOS!!!

And here below are a few almost finished pieces that I thought I would make into Christmas tree ornaments.
And finally, a new start, it will be a birthday gift for a friend of mine, it's a design by Just Nan, that's all I'm gonna say:) Originally I had planned to stitch her a sampler by Gigi (picture full of her first names first letters) but then I realized it would be really big and take for ever. So I found this among my stash. I like the colours of the thread and the fabric, it's a piece of 28 count Silkweavers Stirling silver that I got in trade from (I love her work and also her choice of fabrics for her stitching).

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