Wednesday, January 16, 2008

Hi, this time without pictures, I promise promise promise pictures tomorrow... Here's a short update:
+I have a second finish for 2008, DHC's Red Monogram, done with DMC 815 and a bit of gold
+ I have completed (almost...) the outer border for the Wayward garden
+ no progress with the supposed-to-be-Christmas presents...
+ I've been a very bad girl... I've started yet another piece despite of all the WIPS around my house: Long Dog Samplers Opus 2... I started it a few days ago and it's going quite well. I'm using a variegated blue/green Vikki Clayton silk called Dragon Claw, I love VC silks:) Originally I thought I would start Long dogs Bois le Duc before Opus but I'm not yet sure about which thread to use for the BlD. I ordered some Clayton silks a few days ago from to try a few (and at the same time the DMC thread needed for La D Da's Bo Beep), though I promise I won't start Bois le duc before I have at least two big finishes/atleast two of last years Christmas presents done.
(PS Last evening was a nice evening for stitching, outside it was really windy and raining, so I made myself a cup of hot chocolate, some pan cakes and stitched:)) )

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