Thursday, January 17, 2008

a few (very dark) photos

First, Opus 2, so far. The colour of the silk isn't as dark as in the photo.

Then even a darker picture, Papillons Mary queen of Scots, I haven't done this for a few weeks now. then 2 pictures done in half stitching that I bought over the holidays in Finland. They are not that beautiful, but they are very Nordic. And I wanted them because of the subject: the other one has a woman and a landscape from Lapland and the other one has birch trees and a violin player.

Then finally long overdue: three skeins of thread that my Secret cross stitching pal sent me for Christmas, Dinky dyes, Crescent coulours and Gentle Art, thanks! I've only tried Dinky Dyes before, never the other two brands. In the picture are also the two books I bought right before Christmas.The other one has 4oo different kind of stitches, I think it will be quite useful as I've never really done any specialty stitches.The other one has some nice designs for linen, I mostly like the monogram-designs.

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Leena said...

Kivalta näyttävät työt, tuo Opus kakkonenkin on kyllä tosi kaunis malli! Long Dogin malleissa on monta jotka voisin pistellä heti, kunhan vaan saisi nyt ensimmäisenkään valmiiksi... :)

Tuo Marjorie Masseyen kirja on ihana, siinä on paljon kivoja malleja!