Tuesday, January 29, 2008


Time goes on, January has almost come to an end... Here's one finished piece for January, I really like it! I think it was called Daisy Lane Cottage by Little House needleworks. I'd like to start Home sweet home by Country Cottage needleworks soon but I need Crescent colours and Gentle art for that and my LNS didn't have them (the biggest shop in Brussels doesn't have that good selection I think, mostly DMC fabric, kits and threads, then some specialty threads like Atalie, Soie d'Alger and Gloriana. But not my fav, Vikki Clayton...

And here's what I've managed to stitch so far with Opus 2. I stitched it last week mostly on the train, I didn't get to do much stitching during on the evenings.It's also my first work where the backside will look fairly decent (I hope...), I try not to use any knots.

And here are two closeups of the Vikki Clayton silk I'm using. I ordered some more from Bricolart (luckily they have a sale...), I ordered only 5 skeins a few weeks ago because that's all they had. Now I ordered 6 and thanks to my order, they are again out of stock with Dragon Claw:)

Then finally another start, La~D~Das Bo Beep, I like it cause it's a bit different from anything I've done before. And it progresses very swiftly, only the tree is still missing. I'm using DMC threads and the linen is bought from the flea market in Finland, I think its 28 count.

On Thursday a few more pics of my last finishes for January, at least two pieces, hopefully three!

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Leena said...

LHN-työ on nätti ja Opus 2 edistyy hienosti! Oi että tykkään La-D-Dan malleista, niissä on jotain ihanaa :)